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After Care Instructions (For All Tattoos)

After you have left the studio you want to take real good care of your Tattoo!  This is a permanent decision and it requires a great deal of care and attention.


- Remove the bandage or wrap from your Tattoo 1 hr after

- Wash with warm water and "Anti-Bacterial" soap thoroughly

- Pat dry until all moisture is removed and Tattoo is dry

- Apply a "Thin" layer of "A&D" ointment (Not Potroleum Jelly)

- Do not expose Tattoo to any sunlight for 7 - 10 days after 

- Do not go swimming in clorinated pool  for 7 - 10 days

- Do not submerge in water for a long period of time until healed


Repeat steps 2 - 3 for the first 5-7 days or until the Tattoo has completely healed.  Once healed apply lotion to your Tattoo daily to ensure a healthy and fresh looking Tattoo.  Remember "DO NOT" go swimming for at least 10 days.


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